Will the real Pam please stand up?

Cancer update:  Didn’t hear from Surgeon’s office today.  Am going to email my NP tomorrow afternoon if I don’t hear in the morning.

In addition to the green meanies, I am dealing with another, non-health, issue.

Two weeks ago, I had dinner at Brandon’s Diner (surprise surprise) and when I went to pay, my ATM/Visa was declined.   I had just gotten a paycheck and I knew I had plenty of cash (obviously before bills) so I had them run it again.  Declined.   So I sat on their friendly waiting bench and checked my bank account on my iPhone.

(as an aside, what in the world did we do before smartphones?)

Yep, I had zero $$ in my checking account.  Zip, zilch, nada,   I also noticed that my savings account was a little emptier.  Going further online the emptiness was caused by one transaction labeled “legal transaction.”  Legal transaction.  WTF?

I called the bank and they told me that they couldn’t tell me anything but a phone number was on the transaction.  So I called the phone number and it was….the California Franchise Tax Board.    Now, I do owe the State of California $$ but I’m current on a payment plan.  So they shouldn’t have taken money.   Of course, when I called that night  it was closed.  Luckily I’m a super regular at Brandons and they didn’t make me wash dishes.

The next day, I called the FTB and got the “we’re too busy for you. <click>” message twice.  On the third try, I got the “we’re too busy for you but please leave a callback number and we’ll get back to you.  Estimated wait time is… 3 hours.”   So I optimistically left my number, prayed and hung up.   True to its word, I got a callback 3 hours late from the FTB.    I have to say, it may take hours to get on the phone with them, but I’ve always found the employees to be really nice and helpful.   Anyway, I got on the phone and told the rep that I was wondering why they took $$ my account.  She said she had to ask me some questions.

Rep:  Is your name Pam X.?

Me:  It was Pam X. but it hasn’t been that for 5 years.  I’m Pam M.

Rep: So you aren’t Pam X.?

Me:  No.

Rep:  What is your current address?

Me:  blah blah blah, Upland, California

Rep:  That’s not the address I have on file….did you just move to California?

Me:  Noooo.  I was born here and never left.  Where does it say I live?

Rep:  Nevada.

Me:  Uhm.  That isn’t me.  I haven’t ever lived in Nevada.  I hate Nevada and don’t even want to visit.

Rep:  Interesting.  Because we took the $$ out of your account because the Superior Court of San Diego asked us to.  But it says here you live in Nevada.  Here’s their number.

So I called the SC of San Diego.  In a nutshell. a person named Pam  who lives in Nevada got a ticket last year in San Diego.  Somehow, her address ended up being linked to my drivers license.  So after many failures to appear, the court asked the FTB to put a levy on my accounts and pulled $775.00 ($100 in non-refundable bank charges).   So now I have to prove that I’m not the person they think I am.  I have sent them tons of information and as of today, they are “researching” it.  I have a copy of the ticket and besides the geographic difference, there are some major differences in our demographics:


So everyone, please go to the DMV website and pay the $2 to print an unofficial driving record.  Getting her off my record is my next step AFTER I get my freaking money back.

One of the documents I sent them (…twice…) was a copy of my CA driver’s license.  How much do you have to research to figure out that I’m not a tall, african american?

Fight On!


3 Comments on “Will the real Pam please stand up?”

  1. Sue. says:

    Oh dear god – The Republic of California strikes again. Perfectly brilliant. If this were me, they’d double the fine for wasting their time while telling me, in court, “I don’t care what the law says; you sleep in California and USC doesn’t own the roads.” I’d wish you luck if I believed you had even a remote chance of getting your money back. Hmm, let’s see if I can be slightly more positive. Do you have any friends that are lawyers? B/c the state has taken a loan from you, interest free, and caused you to incur a fee. ( Thank you State of California. May I have another?)


  2. Lori Lewis says:

    Wow. That sucks! Last thing you need right now. I hope they reimburse you for EVERYTHING, including that $100 in bank fees, as it was THEIR FAULT!


  3. Lori Lewis says:

    BTW Pam – they have a Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CA_DMV Tweet them and if you don’t get a satisfactory response, I think I speak for all your Twitter-using friends when I say we’d be happy to tweet our asses off on your behalf until they fix this for you!


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