FIGHT ON USC! BEAT THE Rainbow Warriors!

Cancer Update:  Surgeon’s appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, 9/11.

Seriously, the rainbow warriors?

Tonight is the first USC game of the 2013 season.   We play the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii at 8pm PST on some strange channel that we BETTER GET!!!

The fun aspect of tonight’s game is that Norm Chow, the former USC Offensive Coordinator is the Head Coach of the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii.  Lane Kiffin, the current Head Coach of the USC TROJANS, used to be an assistant coach at USC working for Norm Chow.

This could be a great offensive showdown.  One area of concern is that Lane Kiffin hasn’t decided who is going to start at QB yet.  It’s between two players and we should see both on the field tonight.   I’m pissed that after last year’s season, the powers that be are still allowing Kiffin to be the play caller.  Tonight is a good pre-season test to see how we look.   If we go for two points after our first touchdown,  I’m gonna be PISSED!!  (unless it works, then he’s a genius)  Kiffin’s job is on the line this season considering he took a solid roster of players last year that were pre-season #1 and dropped them down to a pre-season #24 this year.  At the very least this year, we need a winning season with two of those wins against Notre Dame and fUCLA. Keeping it optimistic – we have nowhere to go but up!!!

It is also the last year of the BCS.  HURRAH!!!





One Comment on “FIGHT ON USC! BEAT THE Rainbow Warriors!”

  1. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    Hi Pam, watching the game right now. Enjoy the game!


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