Happy Labor Day!

I was going to do a write up about Labor Day but other people have already done that.   Here’s a link if you are interested:  http://www.dol.gov/laborday/history.htm

I have done a whole lot of nothing this weekend.  A little shopping, bracelet making, watching TV and trying to stay cool (in temperature).   Right now there is an “Andy Griffith Show” marathon on TVLand that I recommend watching.  How can you not love Mayberry?   A little later, I’m headed out to see one of my dear friends for lunch at one of my favorite Restaurants.   It’s called Green Street in Pasadena.  Try the Dianne Salad.  You will not be disappointed.

One of my favorite stores to buy gemstones is across the alley from Green Street.  It’s called Alexandria II.  It has all sorts of fun stuff that is hard to find near my house.  I’m hoping it is open.  I’m trying to learn wire-wrapping to make pendants and I need the cool stones to do so.

USC also beat University of Hawaii!!!   It wasn’t pretty but it was a point in the W column.  I’ll take it!

I’m having some anxiety about the surgery.  I know it is early since I’m not 100% sure that I even need surgery.  It’s not the surgery that bothers me, it’s being an inpatient in the hospital.  I’ve never stayed overnight in a hospital.   Unfortunately, the experiences I’ve had with my mom and dad as inpatients have not been encouraging.   There are many things I have to worry about and I’m just totally stressed out.   I would love for them to make this outpatient.  I would come back every day for a week to be looked after in the day hospital as long as I could go  home at night.  I don’t think they will let me do that 😦

I hope you all are having a great Labor Day weekend!!!



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