What is it about Wednesdays?


I had my mammo/ultrasound on a Wednesday.

I had my platelet freakout and biopsy on a Wednesday.

I got my diagnosis on a Wednesday.

Today has been a SUCKY Wednesday!!!

It started this morning.  I woke up late and had to go to Norris for my usual labs before transfusion.   When I got there, there was nothing in the computer for me so I had to go back to clinic to see my doc’s LVN to get the labs put in.   Well apparently she doesn’t work there anymore and there was a new girl.  So I asked her to put the labs in and told her I’d walk slowly back to admissions so she would have time.   Well, 20 MINUTES later, she finally gets them in.   So I go to the lab.  If people are standing outside the lab in the hallway, that is a bad sign.   There were about 15 people standing in the hallway.  Ugh!   Usually I get my labs done in 15 minutes and today I had to wait 40.   Then I get handed an order sheet from my doctor’s new scheduler (different from new LVN) and my transfusion orders are written incorrectly.   As I’m putting in a phone call to get it fixed, I see the NP that wrote the orders pass by the lab waiting area and she changed them.  Thank Goodness.

I just called the day hospital and my HgB is 8.3 – I’m getting two units of red cells on Friday.  Hurrah!   If you hear me refer to “getting my vamp on” or “getting a refill” – that means I’m getting my transfusion.

About 45 minutes ago, I called what I thought to be the San Diego Superior Court.  Wrong!  Apparently I’ve been calling a group called Alliance 1 who is hired by the SDSC to handle questions when people get their bank accounts levied.   Finally I got a someone smart on the phone and they reviewed my account and….

Apparently, I am a black woman that lives in Nevada.

The court looked through my paperwork and decided that I must have had a Nevada license at some point and therefore am not the person I think I am.

So NOW, I have to file an appeals with the Superior Court directly.

I am also officially filing identity theft with my police, the DMV and my credit reports.

I just got finished crying and now I’M PISSED!!!

Oh, and to top it off!  Yesterday I layed on my bed to pet my cat Chester.  Apparently I was a little closer to the edge of the bed than I thought and when I attempted to get up the force of my legs going over the side of the bed carried the rest of my body and, KABLAM!  onto the ground I went.  So my whole body hurts and I’ve got some nice bruises on my arm from where it smacked into a chair.

Of course when I looked up, Chester was peeking over the edge of the bed with a “Hey, What happened to the petting?” expression.

I love my cat.


11 Comments on “What is it about Wednesdays?”

  1. HI Pam,
    Sometimes things just aren’t fair———–seems like you need to stay in bed (not fall out) on Wednesdays.
    xoxox joyceeeeeeee


  2. sue says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m sure you’d also make a darn-fine-looking black woman.

    I do hope the identity fraud filing helps to put all this to rest.


  3. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    I probably have some of those bars around the house. Look up you don’t have to see Weds. for 7 more days. Take care, Barbara


  4. mindy says:

    Just fpr you I am officiallly boycotting wednesdays . . At least I think it is for you . . . Unless you really are a tall black woman from nevada!!!


  5. Heather says:

    In preparation for next Wednesday, I just called the DMV and the Superior Court to tell them you are an Hispanic male from Hoboken, New Jersey. I think that’s all it takes these days to change someone’s race/ethnicity, sex, and home state. I don’t want you to get bored. :o)


  6. Lori Lewis says:

    I’m getting caught up on your blog, glad the DMV nightmare is (almost) over.

    Can’t wait to see you Sunday. Going to bring my beads…I have way too much! I can teach you some wire-wrapping, too – we are going to have fun!

    Hope today was much better than yesterday and that tomorrow will be even better.


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