Guess what? I don’t live in Nevada!

Yesterday I posted that I had gotten the news that the court had decided that I wasn’t myself and that I actually was black and lived in Nevada.   I called the traffic court, left a message and it turns out, SOMEONE BELIEVED ME!!!


I got a call at 7am (which I didn’t answer because…7am) from the traffic person who gave me her name and number and told me that they had reviewed my issue and had determined that it was a case of mistaken identity.  They had already contacted the FTB to get my refund started.  HURRAH!

Then I see that I have a message from the FTB giving me a number to call back.  When I called back, I got an actual person who asked me to fax over some stuff to get the reimbursement started.  Apparently the $$ taken out of my bank has not cleared their systems (it can take 3-4 weeks) but they are preparing the documentation now so it doesn’t take as long.  I’m at the end of the 3-4 weeks so I should be getting my $$ soon!!!!

Then there is the issue of the ticket, hold on my license and failure to appears (thank you, Nevada Pam).  I called the court where the ticket was given and talked to a nice lady.  After some explanation, she reviewed my stuff and agreed that it was not my ticket.  She also said that the DMV is known for getting people mixed up.  She corrected the problem over the phone and said she was going to send in the right documentation to the DMV to remove the address.  YAY!  This saves me a trip to the courthouse to present my case to a judge.

So I call DMV to see if they need documentation other than the stuff from the court.  They looked at my CDL record and saw the incorrect address but told me that there was no sign of a ticket/failure to appears.  Yay for the lady at the court!  There is nothing else for me to do but wait a few weeks and check my drivers record to make sure that everything got cleaned up.

I’m so relieved.  SO RELIEVED.  I’ve been really stressed out and having this taken care of is a load off my mind.

In other news:

I’m still recovering from my fall from bed.  I’m sore all over.  Still laughing at myself.

I’ve been a patient at USC Norris for a long time and it always seemed like once a person is diagnosed with cancer, the docs push all the procedures, tests and surgery on that patient super fast.  I never thought that was very fair – it’s an overwhelming situation and perhaps they should go a little slower so the patient can get a grip.

Now I understand why.  I’ve known for 2.5 weeks and my surgeon/oncologist appointment isn’t for another 6 days.

That is too many days.

I’ve become paranoid and anxious about my body.  In my head, any ache or pain is a new tumor.  In the last few days, I’ve diagnosed myself with lung and ovarian cancer.  I also felt a mass in my right breast this morning while laying down.  While standing up, that mass ended up being a rib bone.   I also have too much time to research procedures and medications on the internet.   I have quite a few treatment options set up for myself.  Can’t wait to hear what the doctor says 🙂  

I’m going nuts! 

Luckily, I have joined some online support groups and the way I’m feeling and acting seems to be perfectly normal.  

Again, thank goodness for Ativan!!!

As part of this whole deal, I had to stop taking my birth control pill.  This is the first week I’ve been off of it and interestingly enough, my blood sugars are going down to a normal-for-me level.  I’m eating the same and it is still going down.  This is excellent news as cancer feeds off of glucose.

I’ve also gained 5 lbs.  Right. In. My. Stomach.  So my fat pants are tight around my stomach and are about 3 sizes too big in the butt.  My phlebotomist yesterday made fun of me a little.  Now is the time to keep my diet in check as no-breasts, big stomach and small butt is just not a look I’m going for!

I still have the Aplastic Anemia so tomorrow is a transfusion day! 



One Comment on “Guess what? I don’t live in Nevada!”

  1. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    Glad you are getting your business corrected I am sure it is a relief ! Hang in there and remember you are loved! Ciao Barbara


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