Well, Shoot…USC has had better games.

In case you missed it, USC lost to Washington State.

The score:  USC 7   Washington St 10

On the plus side, our defense was FANTASTIC!  Well done!   We held WSU to zero offensive touchdowns.   On the pessimistic side of that, we lost to a team that had NO OFFENSIVE TOUCHDOWNS!!!  Way to go Clancy Pendergast, our new defensive coordinator.  He is definitely the right man for USC!

Our offense was OFFENSIVE!  Our coach can’t decide between two quarterbacks.  Both QBs have outstanding arms but Lame Kiffin doesn’t want to let them throw.  He wants to showcase Marqise Lee but Lee can’t seem to figure out that you run FORWARD when you get the ball.  He had a great 5 yard run but he went back 10 yards to do it.  If he had just gone forward – it would have been a first down!   When Lee is good, he is spectacular, but when he is bad….oh jeez….    Heidari couldn’t pull off any Field Goals but thank god his point after was good.

Tre Madden was outstanding again.  I’ve heard his name called more than anyone elses in both games.  He rushed for 156 yards last night.  That was 156 yards of running out of 185 yards of Total Offense!  This is a true freshman people!!!  I hope he stays because he is on fire.

Who should be FIRED is Lane Kiffin.  Lame Kiffin.  Fire Lane.   He has some amazing weapons on this team and he lacks the confidence to let them play balls out.  You could see how frustrated the team was on the field.  You could hear the frustration in the Coliseum.  He needs to be let go and NOW!  They should move Clancy to temporary head coach, bring back Polamalu as OC, hire Matt Leinart as some kind of Assistant Coach  and just play with abandon for the rest of the year.  We can still salvage this season, but not with the “leadership” that we have.

I still love my Trojans and, I predict…..

A win over Boston College!!!

On Friday I had another transfusion.  2 units of the good red stuff.  I wish they had the drinkable blood like on True Blood.  I could get a couple of units in so much faster!  I can’t imagine it tastes very good (unless you are a vampire) but I’m sure it can be flavored.  Pomegranate anyone?

The transfusion itself was uneventful but one of the nurses that works in the day hospital is also licensed to work surgical oncology, so she also works in the surgical ward at the big USC Hospital.  (YAY!)   She told me a little bit about the ward and the hospital procedures and pretty much made me way more comfortable about being in the hospital.

My appointment with the surgeon/oncologist is this Wednesday – so I should know more then.

Yesterday, I went out in the morning and did way too much considering it was day after transfusion.  I then spent much of the afternoon asleep.  Then the USC game.  Then asleep again 🙂

Today I’m getting together with Lori, one of my USC BFFs, and I get to meet her fiance.  Hurrah!  They just got engaged two weeks ago.  So Happy!!!

A shout out to a few other UHS BFFs, Lori and Farish.  Their son, Kash, turned 1 yesterday!!!  Happy Birthday Kash!  Auntie Pam will see you soon!!!

Hope everyone has a Great Day!





2 Comments on “Well, Shoot…USC has had better games.”

  1. Hi Pam,
    The LA Times has the same idea you have about firing the coach at USC. I guess most of the fans do too.
    ENjoy your day with good BFF’s.


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