9/11/01: Never Forget

Do you remember where you were when the United States was attacked by Islamic Terrorists?

I do.

I was in my cute little one bedroom apartment in the most perfect part of Pasadena.  My boyfriend/soontobefiance/nowexhusband, Matt, was in the bedroom asleep and I was in the living room ironing my work clothes watching the news.  I was watching as Peter Jennings was talking about a huge fire on the upper floors of one of the twin towers thinking to myself “How in the world do you fight a fire that high up?”.    Next thing I know, I was “OMGing” as I saw another plane just calmly, almost peacefully, crash into the other tower.  Then came the announcement that another plane had crashed into the Pentagon.  I ran and woke Matt up, called work to tell them I wasn’t coming in and we sat for a long time watching the news.  Then, randomly, we went to IHOP.

It’s amazing what this kind of event can do to people.  For instance, Matt had been wanting to move in together but I wasn’t ready to give up my living aloneness.  But that day, I changed my mind.  I realized that having him there that morning was a good thing and that if bad things were going to happen, I wanted him there with me.

On the other hand, a friend of mine was going through some marital troubles and the events that morning convinced her that if bad things were going to be happening, she didn’t want to deal with her husband anymore.

I drove into our community today and saw the flag at half staff.  I pray for the families of those that lost their lives.  I remember that time when we as a nation came together to fight for good against evil.

As we are dealing with another evil, Syria, I hope we can come together again, standing up against evil.

Fight on and God bless.


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