(Editor’s Note:  I just re-read this before publishing and I use a lot of foul language.  A LOT.  Consider yourself warned)

Instead of live tweeting the USC/ASU game and annoying the shit out of my facebook friends, I’m going to live tweet/blog the game here.

2:35 left in the first quarter.  ASU kicks our ass on the first possession of the game (theirs).   Tons of great plays against our unnaturally sleepy defense and it opens with USC 0 – ASU 7.

Then we go 3 and out.

Our D has woken up and are stopping ASU.

Our Offense is still asleep but Kessler manages to give it to the correct people (Tre Madden and Justin Davis) and Justin Davis ran it in for a TD.

1.21 left in first quarter.

Our ball #FIghton.

Kessler to Lee – gain of 20 yards.  Kessler had tons of time so if he didn’t connect that would be lame.  Hand off to Madden – 25 yard gain.  Nice big hole that ASU left for him.  Madden is the man.  59 yards rushing in the 1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter!

Whoa!  Nice pass and catch!  Kessler seems to be comfortable tonight.  He’s 6 for 6.  We are in the red zone baby!

Tre Madden, up the middle!  TOUCHDOWN!!!!   USC 13  ASU 7!!!  WHOOOO!

14 – 7!!!

ASU’s ball….and they go nowhere on 2nd down.  HA!

Shit.  Spoke too soon.  ASU just got 21 yards.  Fuckers.

Our D is doing a decent job of holding them to short yardage.  Except when they don’t.   ASU punts from mid field.   Lee returns to the 25ish yard line.

USC’s Ball!  Davis runs through ASU for 14 yards!!  FIGHT ON!

Wait!  Are these new Song Girl outfits?  Not sure I like them.  Weird stripey stripes down the side.  Ick.

Davis just got tackled for a loss.  3rd and 9.  FUCK!  Lee went backwards again!!!  WHY DOES HE DO THAT!!!???  USC punts.  ergh.

ASU got it at the 27 yard line.  Commercial break.

The announcers are talking about the new ASU helmets.  Everyone likes them but I think they are sort of a mess.  They are dark maroon with a sideways wrapping pitchfork with old school numbers on one side.   Not a fan.

Ha!  USC just pushed the QB into the sidelines!

Shit.  Responded by running down the damn field to the 45 yard line. USC #13 down.  Looks like a wrist.  #FIGHTON

ASU QB just threw a bullet down to the 10 yard line.  Man, their offense is not bad.

ASU touchdown.  I might not last through this entire game.

14-14.  BAH!  Game not over yet but we need to step it up.

Question:  Is soy sauce supposed to go in the fridge after being opened?

La la la commercial.  I have been doing pretty well with my blood sugars.  Everything the last few days has been under 200.  Hurrah!  Tonight I actually cooked and made stir-fry.  Trader Joes has a great mix of stir fry veggies – carrots, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, soybeans, snap peas and mushrooms.  Stir fry that up then throw in some just-baked chicken with some gluten free sauce.  Throw it over brown rice.  So yummalicious.  Even mom-approved.

Back to the game.  We are pretty much up against the end zone.  Kessler misses on a long throw to Lee but then someone ran up for the



ASU ball.

Why does everything think that Lee is such a good player?  He has moments but mostly he runs backwards and can’t catch the damn ball.  IMHO, there are much more valuable players on our team.

BTW:  ASU QB made an incredible pass and now they are on the 1 yard line.  Wait for it… Wait for it…

USC D HOLDS HIM OUT OF THE END ZONE and they got a 10 YARD penalty!!!!  ASU moves back.

Here we go… HOLD EM USC!!!

Kessler to Strong – OUT OF BOUNDS!!!!  ASU calls time out.

ASU gets a Field Goal.  USC 14  ASU 17

Seriously who would want to go to school in Phoenix?  It’s hot as CRAP out there!  I had to work out there about 15 years ago for a summer and I couldn’t stand it.  4 days there, one day at home.  That place sucked.

USC has the ball back.  CMON KESSLER!   Run for 8 yards.  Not bad. I really want a big fat hail mary.  Not to Lee though.  He’d just run it back into ASU’s end zone.  (Tre Madden just got a first down!)

Madden runs for 15 yards and AAAAAAAHH!!!  It’s a FUMBLE!  Recovered by ASU.   AAAAAAAAAH!

*Whew* Being reviewed.  It looks like it was coming out at the same time his knee  came down.  SHOOT!   Ruling on the field confirmed.  ASU ball on USC 47.

They got a first down and we just committed a personal foul for 15 yards.  ASU on USC’s 12.

HUGE HIT BY USC’s PULLARD on the runner!  wOOt!

ASU on USC’s 3 with 29 seconds left on the clock.  This BLOWS!!!

Here we go!  WHOOOO – USC D holds the O!  ASU calls a time out at 3 seconds.

Field Goal kicker for ASU on the field….and the kick is good.  USC 14 – ASU 20..

It’s halftime.  Thank god.

Preview for 3rd Quarter:

USC scores nothing (as usual)
ASU scores field goals.

Third Quarter:

USC OPENS WITH A TOUCHDOWN!!!  USC 21  ASU 20!!  WHOOOO!   Marquis Lee ran the correct direction!!!

Still hating on the new (to me) Song Girl outfits.

AH CRAP!  ASU runs for a huge touchdown…74 yards right into the end zone.   USC 21 – ASU 27.

He was wide open, no USC players in sight.  What happened here???  USC D is just not playing up to their norm tonight.  Apparently they only have 56 players there so everyone is playing all game.  Or something.  Anyway, everyone is tired and banged up.

Tre Madden.  Another first down.  Did I mention that he is the man?  11 yard gain.

ASU INTERCEPTS!!   TOUCHDOWN!  WHAT THE F@#%#@#$@$^%$&$K????   Three scores for ASU off of turnovers.  UNBELIEVABLE!  UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!

3 touchdowns in the first 1:54 of the third quarter.

USC 21 ASU 34

Not. A. Happy. Camper.

2 plays into our possession:  3rd and 12.  We’re going nowhere.

oh god oh god oh god.

ASU time out #1. *whew*  Let’s regroup TROJANS!!!  FIGHT ON!!!

and we punt.

yikes.  ASU O starts at their 47.

I refuse to say we are screwed.  I refuse.

I hate this VW commercial with the random guy driving everyone to lunch.  So annoying.  Now Wendys.  I’ve never been a fan.  Square hamburgers are just NOT natural.  Also a commercial for some wild boar mocs from duluth trading.  odd.

ASU just got inside the red zone.  This quarter is exhausting.

What exactly is performance underwear?   Don’t all underwear need to perform basically the same function?  Is there a underwear pageant and the winner of the talent competition gets to be called performance underwear?  I don’t get it.  Apparently duluth trading has some. Wow!  18.50/pair.  They better perform!

ASU just went for a touchdown and it was incomplete.  Totally bored by this game.  Fight on Trojans and all but my god, this is the longest game ever.

ASU just got another touchdown.   9:55 left in the third.  THE THIRD!  We still have to get through the rest of this quarter AND a whole other quarter.  USC 21 – ASU 41.

Kessler connects to Agholor for 28 yards.  We are on the ASU side.  Nothing doing.  FLAGS! Personal Foul facemask on ASU.  15 yards for us!

ASU calls another time out.  Only 1 left for the half.

Holy Crap!  We’re going for it on 4th!!!

Well.  that didn’t work. ASU ball.


and nothing happens.

ASU another interception.  And another Touchdown. blah.

So.  I’ve decided that we, as a team, especially the offense are playing much better than normal.  I see improvement on the Offense.   Also, they are being more aggressive in the plays.  However, ASU just ROCKS!!!  They have an excellent QB who is just nailing his throws.  Our young team is being schooled.

Kessler sacked.  Going into the 4th quarter down 27.

And we punt.


Crap!  Marquis Lee is down and hurt.   Not good.

Some people on twitter are talking about how when Pete Carroll got in this situation, he would be jumping up and down getting everyone motivated.  Lane Kiffin is just standing there looking defeated.  That isn’t good for the team or the fans that are in the stands and watching on TV.  CMON LANE!!!  Get excited about SOMETHING!!!!

Marquis Lee being carted off the field.  Kessler just got sacked.

Tre Madden – TOUCHDOWN!!!  HE’S THE MAN!

Point after – no good.   USC 27 – ASU 48.

Just three more touchdowns!!! and a Field Goal.  or Two Point conversion.


Tostitos cantina chips cannot be that good.  No matter what you call them, it’s all fried corn.

My tumor hurts.  It’s all stabby stabby.

Wow!  We grabbed the onside kick!  Good job special teams.  FIGHT ON!

And we convert a 4th down!!!  Whooo!  FIGHT ON!

And another first down!  FIGHT ON!  WE ARE IN THE RED ZONE!!!!

Do you ever feel like you are jinxing a game just by watching it?  OR by not wearing certain jewelry or clothes?


and the point after is…..GOOD!!!  USC 34 – ASU 48!!!   ONLY DOWN 14!!!  We can do this!!!!  FIGHT ON!!!

Ah crap! Su’a Cravens is down.  FIGHT ON!!!  Hope all our injured players are back for the next game.  Luckily we have a bye week.

another ASU touchdown. (34 – 55)

We’ve lost so many players, we might have to fill in with the USC fans still in the stadium.

5:35 left in the 4th.  USC is punting.  I’ll say it again:


Our players seem so tired.   ASU’s in the USC side.  and they are now almost in the end zone.

Now i’m tired.   ASU just called a time out.  Not sure why.   3:23 left in the game.

I’ve been up since early this morning.  Had to get a bunch of work done before the client’s system got taken down tonight for maintenance.  (another ASU touchdown USC – 34  ASU – 62)  We are upgrading software early next week which will keep me busy.  After this system is fully upgraded we start on another major project that will have me working like mad all next year.  Awesomesauce.  Unless something stoopid happens, I am still wanting to go to Paris next October.  That’s the plan anyway.  I may have to “settle” for NYC again, not that that would suck at ALL!  (USC has the ball again)  Neil Patrick Harris is going to be on Broadway in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and I totes want to see it.   I’m also in need of a day in Central Park.   I miss NYC.  I wish I could pack up my doctors and move back there.

HEY!  USC TOUCHDOWN!!!  Jeez…My Trojans just DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!   FIGHT ON!!!   USC 41 ASU 62!  What a freaking CRAZY ASS score!!!   That is fight and heart all the way.

ASU has the ball with 2:00 left in the game.  ASU’s going to drag this out.  USC doesn’t seem to be doing the last minute “use the time-outs” thing.

And ASU wins  62 to 41.

To wrap it up:

ASU played very well, especially on Offense.  Their QB was just throwing bullets to his receivers.  Our Offense looked better than they have but Kessler needs to work on his accuracy and decision making to get the number of interceptions down.  I think that ASU turned almost all of the interceptions into points.   Kiffin needs to work on his attitude.   Show some FUCKING ENTHUSIASM!!!

A plea to Pete Carroll:  You’ve done great in the NFL!  Please, come back home to USC!

I’m tired.  Off to bed.




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  1. Sue. says:

    Performance underwear – stays in place while you do things other than sit all perfectly still with your legs crossed, “like a lady”. Performance underwear moves with you, not in to you. Performance underwear is breathable, functional, practical, and totally worth the $25 a pair I have spent on it.


    • Pam says:

      Thanks Sue! I imagine that for you they would be worth every penny. I’m not active enough to warrant such an expensive. I’m good with my Fruit of the Loom $9/pack of 6 🙂


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