Procrastinator Updater

Wow.  I haven’t updated since 10/24.  Shame on me!

It’s been quiet around here.  I think the last time we “spoke”, I had just been diagnosed with a Thyroid issue and been prescribed Synthroid AND i had just gotten a surgery date for my mastectomy.

I’ve just been exhausted for the last few weeks.  Work is busy and my brain wasn’t quite working at 100%.   I had a transfusion last Friday, Nov 1st and, though I’m still tired, I feel a bit more alert.  Which is good because I have to be at my client site at least three times this week.  It’s nice hours but a really long drive.  I have to either be there to hit morning traffic and/or evening traffic.  Evening traffic is worst because by then I just want to go home.

Interesting (to me) things that have happened lately:

1.  I upgraded my iPhone to an iPhone 5c!   I was going to get a 5s, which would have cost $200 for the phone, about $70 for the tax and then $75ish for the cover, extra charger, etc…    I was going to do this for my birthday.   About a week and a half ago, I was at Target and saw they were running a deal on the iPhone 5c (the colorful ones) – I could turn my iPhone 4 in for $70, the iPhone 5c was on sale for $50 – so the trade in would cover the tax and most of the iPhone.  So I bought the cover, extra charger, etc and the whole deal was $100!.  Way better than the price of the 5s.   The extras on the 5s weren’t enough to justify the extra $200.00.  I love my iPhone.  I got it in blue.  So purdy!

2.  I spent this morning at the DMV.  It seems that everyone turning 42 this year that has to renew their licences, has to go in to take a written test, vision test, thumbprint and new photo.  I made an early appointment for the Rancho Cucamonga, California office and I was in and out of there in 18 minutes.   I did pass my written exam but thank GOD I was allowed to miss three questions.  That shit is tricky!

I also verified that the Pam Dixon from Las Vegas was off my driving record!  No more Las Vegas address!!!  WHOOOOO!!!  I think I’ll keep checking my license 1x a year to be sure.   I did finally get my $ back although I had to eat the $100 fee from Bank of America.  Bastardos.

I got a quick glance at my new drivers license picture.  Dear. God.  They don’t take the good ol’ pictures that show part of your clothes.  NO!  The pictures now are super close up shots.  Like, your head takes up the ENTIRE picture!   So, unless my vision is poor, I look like a stunned elf.  My eyes are HUGE and open and my ears look like Spock ears with my super short hair. I think anyone needing to see it for an official reason would fall over laughing.

(as an aside, my cat is sleeping next to me, snoring like nobody’s business.)

3.  USC is on a small roll!  Fight on to us beating Oregon State IN. CORVALLIS.!!!!  I hope the powers that be are considering Coach Orgeron to be the full time head coach.  Fingers crossed!

4.  I was craving the Allegro salad from Cafe Allegro in Downtown Upland last Thursday so I drove over there at night to get one.  (I was on a self imposed break from my crazy ass diet.  I started back on November 1st).   I noticed that all the streets were blocked so I’m all WTF?  Turns out that there was a community event for halloween.  There were lots of families there all dressed up – so cute!

Of course, I took tons of pictures.  Enjoy!

CameraAwesomePhoto (8) CameraAwesomePhoto (7) CameraAwesomePhoto (6) CameraAwesomePhoto (5) CameraAwesomePhoto (4) CameraAwesomePhoto (3) CameraAwesomePhoto (2) CameraAwesomePhoto (1) CameraAwesomePhoto photo (7) photo (6) photo (5) photo (3)


Laptop battery is about to die.  Happy November!

And for those of you participating (like me), Happy NaNoWriMo!








One Comment on “Procrastinator Updater”

  1. Lori Lewis says:

    Glad the Vegas girl is finally off your record!!! As for B of A, I’d TOTALLY post something on their Facebook page ( to get them to reverse whatever charge they levied. I just did same to Wells Fargo a couple of days ago and they totally helped me out. DO IT! You need that $ much more than B of A does and they need to take care of you as a Customer, not just profit off your pain.

    Promise you’ll do it?


    Congrats on the new phone, and I’m so happy you stumbled onto that awesome Halloween event. I love it when stuff like that happens, sometimes the greatest gifts come in the most unexpected packages…

    In other news, I cannot find the Orly “Fight On” color anywhere. I’m scared they sold out, I’ll need to order it online.

    Also, I want to come and visit soon (or, have you over to our place!) I’ll Inbox you to coordinate that…

    And, NaNoWriMo is going pretty well for me this year, I’m just over 5K words and I need to crank tonight to get caught up (I’m 3K words behind, aaaah!). Hope you are doing well with your book. We should totally read (maybe edit?) each other’s work at the end of it, if we’re both up for it.

    Fight on!!!



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