And it starts…

Sorry for the way overdue post.   I’ve been working a lot lately (thank goodness!) and have been super tired.   I do have updates on my surgery.

Again, it’s on Thursday Dec 5th at the Keck Medical Center (not at Norris, they don’t do surgery there).  Keck is pretty much across the street from Norris.

They have me busy that morning.

Surgery is scheduled for 11:30am.  Why so late?  Let me tell you…

I have to be at Norris at 7:30am so that at 8am I can have something called a “Sentinel Node Injection”.   This is where they inject the “affected breast” with radioactive blue dye.  Over the course of a few hours, this stuff makes its way up into your lymph nodes and  dyes the affected lymph nodes blue.  So when they cut me open there, they cut out the blue lymph nodes.   Right now we think there are 3-5 that need to be taken out but it could be a lot more.  The more they take, the harder my recovery.

So after they turn me radioactive, I get to go get a “Wire Localization”.   This is where, they numb my left breast and, using ultrasound, guide a big hollow point needle into my tumor.  Once that is in, they stick a wire through the hollow point and attach it to my tumor.  So they can find it, you know.  Quite frankly, I can feel the damn thing and they are taking my whole breast – so I don’t see the reason for this, but I’m not the surgeon.


Once that is over, I have to dash over to the Keck Medical center and have surgery.

Just like that.

I have my pre-op appointment with the surgeon tomorrow which should help me fill out the blanks of what happens afterwards.   I know that if I’m doing well after surgery, I will leave the next day.  Then recovery for 1-2 months.  The whole after thing is a little vague to me.

I may have another pre-op “procedure” this month.  You see, I have super crappy veins in my right arm – the arm they need to use for the surgery IV.  We cant get any IV into it unless it is a size 24 (super tiny).  For the surgery, I need to have a size 18 (SUPER BIG).  Well, the 18 isn’t going to happen, so I might be getting a thing called a power port.  It’s this thing that sits under the skin and is attached to an artery.  When I need an IV, the nurses use a special needle and poke it through the port instead of my arm.  It can hold a size 18.   If I don’t get this for surgery, they may put in a central line.  I’m not happy about that.  I should know tomorrow.

So that’s all for now!  I should have more news tomorrow!

A prayer request:  My 97 year old grandma is in the hospital with a bad cold, dehydration and some other stuff.  Could you add her to a prayer/good thoughts list today?

Fight On!


5 Comments on “And it starts…”

  1. Sue Downing says:

    oh dear god.

    I’m unsure whether I should write that or try to sound supportive.



  2. Stacy Carmona says:

    Good luck Pam. It sounds like you’re in great hands and that the docs have a great plan of action. I have faith that everything will go great! I will be thinking and praying for you.



  3. Kimberly Miller says:

    My friend Cheryl had double mastectomy last year and was feeling pretty good right after surgery. Of course, with DBA, it’s a different story, BUT, I do think they have this thing down to a science (I can’t resist a pun). I truly believe you will recover and heal quickly and that it will not be as bad as one expects. What are your favorite treats these days? Inquiring minds need to know.


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