The Happenings of February

I’m a super shitty blogger.  Seriously.

I swear that I just blogged last week but I just saw the date of my last post and it was January 23.  That must means that things are great!

Things are pretty good although I’ve had some interesting mishaps the last week.

Highlights of Jan 23rd – today:

1.  Got my normal transfusions.  Nothing spectacular.  In fact I’m at the hospital now.  This week my hemoglobin is 9.3 and they usually don’t give me blood but they asked if I wanted a unit to tide me over and I said “OF COURSE!”.    Gimme my blood.   So I’m here.  I should be out of here in about an hour and a half.  Because of my shortened stay, instead of getting food at the food court, I opted to get one of the free sandwiches they offer patients.  I feel like a school kid getting my sandwich out of my lunchbox.

photo (10)

Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

2.  My niece Lilli, has started her competitions for gymnastics.  She’s had two so far and in both of them she has won either 1st or 2nd place in all events (bars, beam, vault and floor) and has won the all around for each competition.  This is for her group level.  She’s in Level 1 right now but she will soon be in Level 2.

photo (11)

She has a competition tomorrow at noon.  Go Lilli!

3.  I survived Valentine’s Day.  I was laid up on the couch with my foot so Chester T. Cat and I  watched WALL-E and then started binge watching “House of Cards”.  So Excellent.

4.  I subbed at my mom’s bunco group.  It was fun but strange.  Like I told them, when I was a kid my mom would give me, my brother and my dad a small portion of the food she was serving and then we were sent to our respective rooms (or garage, in my dad’s case).  But now, I’m invited to join the party.   I’m at that age where my mom’s friends are becoming part of my group of friends.  They are all wonderful women so I’m not unhappy about it. 🙂  If they need me to sub again, I’m all up for that.

A few of them were my elementary school teachers.   I’m starting to be able to call them by their first names (they insist) but I have moments where I have to call them “Mrs. Smith” instead of Betty.  Like, girlfriend, I know we are hanging out but you taught me to add and subtract.

5.  My Foot.  Really, my toe.

It was about 5:30pm on Tuesday Feb 11th.  I was getting ready to leave to do a market research thing in Pasadena for the LA Opera (compensation = 2 tickets to any of the 2014 opera season!).  I was in my room walking towards the door and my right leg hit the corner of my bedframe.  This caused me to stumble and fall forward on my left knee, which caused me to catch my left big toenail (no shoes on) on something and lift it mostly off my toe.  Ouch.

After a little bit of screaming, I managed to get to the kitchen and grab a paper towel (or 5) and got my toe to stop bleeding.   I then poured peroxide over the toe, wrapped it up and thought about my next steps.   I didn’t want to go to the ER because they wouldn’t treat me without anyone’s permission.  Urgent care was out because my docs don’t want me going there with my white cell count so low.   So I decided to just prop it up on the couch and see what it looked like the next morning.

OMG!  The pain!  I’ve had many a crappy painful test for my various disorders but this pain was excruciating!  I basically spent that night up and crying.  Ugh!  The next morning, I called my PCP who gave me the number of a podiatrist.  That afternoon, I saw him and as soon as he took my croc off (hey, they come in handy!), my foot was streaked with red.  So after some consultation with my Norris docs, I ended up going out to LA for some IV antibiotics and an oral antibiotic to take at home.   Over the weekend, I developed some side effects to the oral antibiotic so I stopped that on Monday.   My foot felt better but was severely black and blue and the pressure under my toenail made my toe throb.  Ick.

This past Wednesday, I went back to the podiatrist, to get the toenail taken off.  I had done this before like 20 years ago and I just remember the pain.  He decided, due to the blood build up on my nail bed, to cut it off slowly instead of ripping it off so that we could avoid a ton of bleeding.   He also asked me if I thought I needed the shots to numb it.  It wasn’t hurting so I said no.   So he proceeded to cut as much off as possible.  Next thing he says is that he wants to just pull the rest off.   I was a little nauseous when he said that but agreed.  (still no numbing agent).  I felt a little pain and then he said “We’re done”.   He spent a few minutes cleaning things up and then they wrapped me up.

15 minutes.  Total.

There is still a teeny piece of toenail and so i have a followup next Wednesday and he will remove it then unless it falls off.

My toe feels so much better except that it is sore from all the stuff it’s been through this past week.

BTW: I didn’t get to go to the Market Research thing so no opera tickets.  CURSES!

6. I have been watching the Olympics in spite of my hatred of the anti-gay laws in Russia.  I’m just rooting for the good ol’ USofA.  I found myself totally addicted to the slopestyle snowboarding events.   I haven’t watched all of figure skating but I did see the skaters I was interested in.   Apparently, closing ceremonies are this weekend and I will be happy to have them done with.


Fight On!


5 Comments on “The Happenings of February”

  1. Joyce Cushnie says:

    Hi cutie ,

    Thanks for the nice comments about your new “senior girlfriends”. Go, Lilly! sounds like!she is ready for the next level. If she wants to go to gym 4 hours a day (5 days a week)she can join Sophie at level 6. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But Sophie just loves it.

    Today I am going to Karen Stembers to watch the “wolf on Wall Street” —-you see, her daughter’s boyfriend gets the nominated films from his father who used to be an exec at Paramount and is a member of the Academy. Of course they are not supposed to leave his home————-but, oh well.

    There have been nurses here the past 2. Days checking on my mothers toe. Hope it is healing. Takes longer for 98 year old women with diabetes, no duh.

    Take care yourself,

    Xoxoxo Joyceeeee

    Sent from my iPad



  2. elizabeth lamar says:

    Good to hear. So sorry about your toe. I, too, have been watching the Olympics. Growing up in Colorado, I love seeing the winter sports. On figure skating, I love hearing Scotty Hamilton’s comments. He is right out on the ice with them in every move. Take care.


  3. mindy says:

    As another one of the “senior” girlfriends i’d vote for you to be a permanent sub . . . You fit right in!! I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. And not all of us were your teachers . . . Some were just your friends.

    I can’t even imagine all you had to go through to get your toe fixed. Hope it feels better. Maybe it will be better in time to sub nexr month. Love you kiddo


    • Pam says:

      I would say that you aren’t just a friend – more like a second mom!

      It would be fun to sub again. Put me on a list!!!

      Hope you are doing well! xoxo

      On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 10:44 PM, Pam Fights On! wrote:



  4. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    Pam glad to hear you can party with the old farts. We are a fun group! Thanks for the update. I will continue to holds good thoughts for your journey to being healthy. Ciao , Barbara


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