I can walk again but I can’t move my shoulder.

I’m starting to think that 2014 is going to be as shitty as 2013.

In good news, my toe is totally healed.  Tomorrow is the last day I need to keep a bandage and wound healing gel on it.  Hurrah!

A bad side effect?  I can’t currently use my left arm without being in super pain.   When I was sleeping on the couch where it was easiest to keep my foot raised I must have slept totally wrong because my shoulder/neck/back on the left side is in incredible pain.  Cold packs work a bit.  Standing under a hot shower helps but I can’t do that all day.  Any time I move, a pain just shoots down my arm into my hand.  I’m sure someone has had this – any recommended therapies?   I even rubbed Vicks VapoRub into my arm.  No good.  Waaa!

I also developed a sore throat a few weeks ago when I went into Norris to get my IV antibiotics.   Well, more antibiotics, a swab and a doctor visit later, it was determined that I have strep throat.  So last Friday, the 28th, I started a week of Penicillin.  My fourth antibiotic in three weeks.  I end that on Thursday and my throat is finally feeling normal and I have regained my normal voice.

Work is slow right now.  Nice for having the free time but not-so-nice for the bills.  This too shall pass.  It’s been mentioned to me that a big project is coming my way sometime soon.  Feast or Famine!!!

In super duper sad news, my Grandpa died last Friday.   If we are going to be real about it, this is actually my mom’s stepdad.  Her bio dad died in 1971, right before I was born, so I never knew him.  Grandpa Miller was the only grandpa on my mom’s side that I knew.

Growing up, my mom’s family grew up next door to my Grandpa’s family.  My mom and aunt grew up with the Miller boys: Steven, Bobby and David.  Apparently they used to all take trips together.  My mom’s dad died in 1971 and grandpa’s wife, Alma, died a few years later.  Then some time after that, grandma married grandpa.  I was pretty young and don’t think my brother was born yet.

Grandpa was seriously one of the coolest men I’ve known.  He was a federal biologist assigned to California and was an expert in pretty much everything having to do with California wildlife, history, etc….   We learned early not to ask grandpa what a tree or anything was while he was driving because he would turn his attention to what he was talking about and not the car.  Not fun on mountain roads!

We spent summers up at their house in a town called Smartville.  It is near Grass Valley.   He would take us fishing on his little boat and was always up for a hike in the mountains outside their property.   They had three acres or so of property and on the part behind the house, he built a pond and stocked it with catfish.  If we wanted fish for dinner, he and my dad would go with my brother and I to the pond and catch dinner.   Unfortunately, he had two of the meanest geese that lived where the pond was so it was fishing with a bit of running away from the geese.  Fun Times.

Unfortunately, dementia took him away from us a few years ago so I am glad that he is no longer just existing in this world.   I’m just honored to have been part of his life.   Rest in Peace, Grandpa Miller.


Fight On.


5 Comments on “I can walk again but I can’t move my shoulder.”

  1. elizabeth lamar says:

    Great memories of your grandfather. I have tried to send you some pictures, but it keeps denying me. Next time you are over, I shall show you what I did for my arm and shoulder which helped.


  2. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    What wonderful memories you have of your grandfather.i hope that my grandkids will have nice words to say about their Nona, me. Glad your foot is healing. Thinking of you and my dear friend your mama at this sad time. Just know you both will be in my prayers along with your brother and family. Take care, love Barbara


  3. Lori Lewis says:

    Ugh, so sorry you’re experiencing more physical challenges during an already though time. Hang in there! I just tried Salonpas gel for the first time yesterday on my shoulder/neck and it was pretty darned good. It’s stinky an a bit stingy on the skin but it sunk on in there and healed up the pain for quite a while. Hope that info helps! Love you, sending positive vibes your way – FIGHT ON!!! xoxo


  4. mindy says:

    About a year ago when we were living with Jason and April while waiting to find a house to buy I had slept on their couch when rick was away for three months on work. By the third or fourth day my neck, shoulder and back were killing me. April talked me into getting a deep massage. It really helped a lot.

    I remember Wendall visiting your house many times. You’re right, he was a sweet man and so interesting to talk to. I was sorry to hear about his passing.
    love you, mindy


  5. Tracey says:

    Try probiotics too. This will help your gut get its good bugs back in order. It my also help keep you from getting a yeast infection. Sorry to say- that may be next. Stay strong! You are extremely brave!!!!! Tracey


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