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Happy Thursday everyone!

I’m feeling okay today.  Today is the last day of antibiotics for my strep and my throat feels back to normal – Hurrah!   My toe is also all healed up and today was the first day without healing gel and a bandage.  It looks strange to not have a toenail and the podiatrist said that it probably won’t come back.   Do you think I could ask for a 10% discount on a pedi?

My neck and shoulder and arm on my left side still hurt.  It comes and goes all day – either excrutiating or bearable.  I had a chat with a few friends that have the anemia issues I do and pretty much everyone has severe muscle pain when their hemoglobin tanks.  It starts getting better after a transfusion.  For reference, a woman my age should have a hemoglobin of between 11 – 15.   I’ve been getting transfused when mine is in the 8’s.   This week I tanked at 7.5.  I haven’t been in the 7s for months so now I’m experiencing these side effects.  Other effects I’m dealing with are hearing my heartbeat in my head (it sounds like a constant swish-swish sound, similar to listening to a baby’s heartbeat), headache, super fatigue, insomnia, high heart rate (120 resting), and mental fatigue.  Fun Times!!!   I hope to get back to being in the 8s at transfusion as I don’t have to deal with many of the side effects.

Next week I have appointments with my Oncologist and Surgeon.  I emailed them today to tell them I wanted to go forward with surgery.   I still want it in the summer.  My mom has had to take a lot of sick time for her back so we want to make sure she has a few days to take off.

Mom got a call from her doctor this morning and she not only just fell and bruised her back, she freaking FRACTURED her L2.  She’s on bed rest and pain pills.  When we do things, we do them big.

Grandpa’s funeral is next Tuesday near Sacramento.  I remember a funny story from when I was young and grandma & grandpa moved to the mountain house.  For the first few years, there were TONS of rosebushes all over the yard.  My grandpa had just gotten a tractor to mow the lawn and my brother basically spent the summer mowing.   On the last day of our vacation there, I decided that I wanted to give the tractor a try, so grandpa got up behind me and we went for a ride.  Unfortunately, I was a little slow on the steering and next thing I know, me, my grandpa and the tractor were climbing up a rose bush.  Luckily, the three of us came out of it with just a few scrapes but the rose bush was a goner.  I don’t think I ever drove that tractor again.


As the title of my post suggest, I have other blogs.  One is new but the others I have resurrected and have started to add posts to them.  This blog started out as just a cancer blog, but I am adding life stuff to it as well.  My other blogs have movie reviews, book reviews, pictures of my cat and my art stuff.  You can find these blogs by clicking “My other blogs” at the top of this screen.   You can also subscribe if you are interested.   If you are friends with me on facebook, the posts automagically appear on your timeline.  Feel free to visit, comment, subscribe, etc…

Fight On!


2 Comments on “Blogs, Blogs everywhere!”

  1. monica says:

    Fight on, Pam-e-lot!!! We love you!!!


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