Shorty Pants Update

This is super short.

At least that’s my intention.

I had a hematologist appointment today. I still need a transfusion on Friday but my hemoglobin, which has been in the low 7’s for the past two transfusions, was 8 today.  Hurrah!  Having transfusions when in the 8’s mean that I feel a little better for more days and I’m not in as much danger as when in the 7’s.

I’m seeing changes in my ANC count. This is the count that makes me have to wear a mask, causes me to get random fevers and makes it necessary to stay away from sick people.  This count has been 0.1 for a long time (critical) but today it was 0.3 (still critical but not as bad).  I think it is because I’ve been eating at home more.  I used to eat out every meal and now there are some weeks I eat out only once or twice.

My doctor was really happy.

We also talked about disability and she is totally on board.  I also submitted my request for medical records from Norris.  I’m going back to January 2011 – just before my bone marrow biopsy that confirmed Aplastic Anemia.

So hurray.  Other than feeling fatigued from needing blood and my arm still hurting, I feel pretty good today.

As an aside:  take a moment and say a prayer, think good thoughts, light a candle for our service men and women and their families at Fort Hood.

Fight On!


3 Comments on “Shorty Pants Update”

  1. Heather says:

    some really good news in there, pam! glad to hear it. thinking about you . . .


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