Everything Old is New Again

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you had a good week and have a great weekend planned.

On the work front, I finished up my last project for my last client today.  I’m going into the corporate office next Monday to have lunch with the IT group and then I’m done with employment.  Making the decision to quit working and applying for disability really was hard but I have to say, I feel like a weight has been lifted.  I still feellike crap most of the time but my energy levels are a little higher.  Instead of spending all day in bed, I’m good with an afternoon nap of about 3 hours.  So  I’m feeling the benefit already.  It’s nice to know that if I’m having an off day, that I am able to just take the day.

This is a great article about the misconceptions of the chronically ill.  If you ever ask me how I’m doing and I say “I’m fine”, it just means that I feel like my normal level of crap.   I may look good but it’s an effort.   The best way to describe my best days is that it is like the first day you go back to work after having the flu – you still feel terrible and want to stay home, but you aren’t really “sick.”  Anyway, here is the link to the article:


So there is that.

This afternoon I had my second opinion/consult with the Chief of Surgical Oncology at USC.  He was seriously the nicest man – very calm and knowledgeable.  We chatted and then he examined me.  He also didn’t find any issues with my lymph nodes (YAY!) but thinks that a lumpectomy isn’t enough surgery.  Apparently because of where my tumor is the incision and healing area are not that much smaller than a full mastectomy.  He’s worried about not getting clear margins and having a recurrence.  So his vote is for a mastectomy.  My medication is statistically good for about another year for shrinking tumors but that’s just in general.  It may even last longer in me.  Who knows?

He’s not for radiation because radiation causes blood sugars to go uncontrollable.  Since my diabetes is already barely controlled, this wouldn’t be good.  I would agree with that.  I have an consult with the head of the USC Diabetes Center at the end of next month and I hope he can give me some pointers on my current meds as I am taking a ton.

Another thing that the doctor pointed out today is that the treatment that I am on is working.  So there should be no pressure to operate until we feel that I’m no longer responding to the medicine. He feels that I could check in with my cancer team every two months and if we discover that something is changed then we can make plans for operating.  The cancer isn’t fast growing so we have time to make plans.

He also agreed that I need to have a test infusion of the special platelets in the next few months to make sure that that plan will work.  He is going to chat with my hematologist and get that going.   I think I wrote before that my hematologist told my surgeon that she was too cautious.  Well, the doctor I saw today was not happy about that, so he said that he was going to have to make people angry.  I did not like being in the middle of that mess.   I love my hematologist and she is wonderful with blood stuff.  I love my surgeon and she is great with considering all the risk factors.

So like I said, everything old is new again.  We started with a mastectomy, went to lumpectomy and radiation and now we are back to meds and a mastectomy at some point.

It was a good appointment and i’m a little easier about it.   I’m still hoping that if I have a mastectomy I can do local anesthetic.  I’m so no interested in the recovery from being put under.

In other news, I picked up the rest of my medical records from Norris.  The pile of paper for just my lab results for 1/2013 through 4/2014 is about 4 inches tall.   My project for the next few days is to go through it all.

After my appointment, I walked out into the Norris lobby and thought I heard the USC Trojan Marching Band playing.  Mom and I went outside and it was the spring “Buy football season tickets” rally.  A 10-piece band was there, some of the song girls/cheerleaders, a few football players and Coach Sark.   I stood in line and got Coach Sark’s autograph and picture. Of course I look like a dork in the picture but still!

042514-coachsark 042514-tmb 042514-poster 042514-songgirls

I don’t know how it is where you live but it is POURING here!   Time to get snuggled up in bed with a certain cat and get some sleep.













5 Comments on “Everything Old is New Again”

  1. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    Where am I in Italy or what? Love the music that came on. Raining in NewPort too. Love the pictures and don’t worry about leaving work. Thinking of you. Ciao Barbara


  2. elizabeth lamar says:

    You are so right about your title: old/new. I’m glad that time isn’t a crunch in this, and that you have excellent doctors taking care of you. At the pulmonologist’s, he mentioned that I have a pacemaker. I replied, “No, I don’t!” Turns out that three pages of someone else’s records epwere attached to mine. He was going to put in for a referral for me to retake the breathing tests as it has been two years. So far, no referral? Guess I will call one of these days. I wonder if the pacemaker-person got the referral and wonders why she is scheduled. Goodness! I like the rain. Tabitha has been a love since that other horribly naughty day when I was ready to abandon her on your doorstep. But, she has been a bit concerned about the rain sounds. So glad you are getting your days more relaxed. Cope! Our motto, yes?


  3. heather says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better about saying goodbye to working, and glad to hear that it seems to be helping! That article was very helpful. So short for being so informative!


  4. Lori says:

    Things change so fast and so often something tells me they will change again. I think it’s good they are open to continually re-evaluating the plan and aren’t doggedly sticking to one way even in light of frequently changing info.

    SO COOL that you ran into that spirit event and got to meet the coach!!!

    It was great seeing you the other day xoxo ❤


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