Last Friday, I was at the hospital for my transfusion and ran into my hematologist. She asked me how I was feeling and the dam broke. I told her that I was unhappy with my oncologist and she told me that she would talk to my surgeon about it. I also decided to not wait for anyone to get back to me but schedule my own appointment with my surgeon. So i see her this Wednesday afternoon.

I got a call today that my oncologist was able to get a PET/CT approved. They will be able to tell WTF is going on with my back and see if my cancer has spread.

I’m nervous about the PET/CT, not only because of the machine but because of what they might find. I don’t think they will find anything other than what we know but here’s always that chance. One thing about cancer, any ache and pain that you would’ve previously blown off becomes “OMG has my cancer spread?” I’ve talked with some survivors and they say they are always on edge. Ugh.

No matter how nervous I am, I HAVE to get through his scan. Luckily I have done this before. Remember this?


If if I don’t complete this scan my oncologist’s head will seriously freaking EXPLODE!


Luckily I have a little KINKY BOOTS at the Pantages Theater on Thursday night and birthday doings on Saturday and Sunday to look forward to!!!







6 Comments on “Scanxiety”

  1. Penny Korn says:

    Hi Pam, you can do this girl, the pet scan will tell them so much. But of course, I don’t need to tell you that, you’ve been through so many bells and whistles already.
    I’m getting just a tiny taste of what you’ve been through and I am so filled with anxiety I am climbing the walls. I have been to the breast center 4 times in the last three weeks, and now waiting again for the results of my triple core biopsy.
    I told Mona WTF, you retire, and everything falls apart. Your mom and her knees, Mona and her heart tests, Bernie has the shingles, and here I am with 3 breast lumps, and thinking about just saying WTH, I’m going the Angelina Jolie route one way or another, I can’t go through this every 6 months and constantly be on edge feeling phantom things that aren’t even there.
    Sending my love and prayers, to give you strength to get through this.:-) Love you, Penny


    • Pam says:


      I’m so sorry that you are dealing with this and playing the waiting game. I can empathize with what you are going through as I’m doing it again right now too!!

      I’m praying hard that nothing comes out of your biopsies.

      All my love,


  2. Lori Lewis says:

    Sending love to you, Pam, and to your friend Penny who posted here about her own experiences and fears in facing her lumps.

    You’ve totally got this scan, girl – big monster machines like that don’t like to eat Trojans, we’re too rich a taste for them with all our smarts and general awesomeness. Now, if you’d been a Bruin…but, I digress 😉

    Not sure when the scan is, but I’m always thinking of you and sending you love, light and strength. I’m really glad you’re blogging again – keep the updates coming! xoxo ❤


    • Pam says:

      Thanks Lori!!!

      Now that I’m blogging again, you’ll get sick of me! It’s so therapeutic 🙂

      Scan went great – staying positive while I await the results.

      Hope you’re staying warm!!! Xoxo


  3. Barb says:

    Hey Pam I will say a little prayer that all goes well for you and your scan is bearable. Wishing you an early Happy Birthday and a fun time at Kinky Boots. Thanks for the CD. Ciao, Barbara

    Sent from my iPad



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