New surgery deets!

I spent most of today at USC.

First up was my cardiac clearance appointment with my cardiologist. They gave me an EKG and it turned out fine so my cardiologist said I was good to go without further tests. Hurrah!

My PET scan revealed that I’m starting to get some buildup in my arteries, so I made an appointment with him in June to start getting that taken of. He’s the nicest doc; he came in 1.5 hours early just to accommodate my schedule.

From there I went over to Norris and had an appointment with my surgeon #2. He’s the head of oncology surgery and he and my primary surgeon will be working on me.

My surgery is at 9:30am on 12/2. After they put me out, they are going to run a unit of platelets. Then they are going to go in and remove the breast tissue and my glob of lymph nodes. Then they are going to sew me up internally, slap some steri-strips on me and let me wake up. They don’t put any kind of bandage on as it heals better without. I will have the compression tube top on. But they want me to start showering the next day.

I also might get sprung from the hospital the following day. If everything goes well, they always discharge their mastectomy patients the next day to avoid hospital infections. How Awesome!

They want me up and moving as much as possible. So I can’t drive but as long as there is no infection, I can go out if I feel up to it. He said visitors are good as long as they aren’t sick and haven’t been hanging out with sick people.

So I have the hospital pre-op clinic on Weds, Friday I have to get a bunch of labs drawn, next Monday the 1st I get a transfusion at Norris, then the big day on Tuesday!!!

Thanks again for your prayers and healing energy and good thoughts! I am truly blessed!



4 Comments on “New surgery deets!”

  1. elizabeth lamar says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Good going. The recovery sounds much better than the first report.


  2. mindy Brown says:

    Looks like there is a plan for everytHing. I’m sending healing thoughts your way. Shout out if you need anything at all. Love ya😁😀💟


  3. Karen Stember says:

    You are so on top of things Pam! Sounds like THIS time it’s a GO! Yes, fight on and I truly hope “you” beat the Irish. See you manana.


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