In spite of the title, this isn’t a nature post.

Tomorrow is the big day.  The big scan.  The big sh-bang. Bazinga.

I’ve been increasingly anxious over the weekend.  Too much energy then no energy.  Wanting to get out but wanting to be alone.

It hit me again this morning when I got the call from the PET scan department with the rules:

  1. Nothing but water after midnight
  2. No exercising (no problem)
  3. No strenuous activity (again, not an issue)
  4. No Carbs.

That last one is kind of an issue because if I go carb-less, my blood sugars drop to the point where I need to pound myself with glucose which brings them too high.  I explained this to the nice lady who then told me to just be careful.

I’m currently at Dunkin Donuts “being careful”.

The deal is that they can’t do the test if my fasting blood sugars are over 200.  The radioactive ion that they inject into me goes through my system and binds to cancer cells.  It finds the cancer cells by seeking out glucose.  So my sugars have to be at a certain level or it can make mistakes.  It’s early enough that this muffin will be gone by tomorrow.  I’ll just “be careful” the rest of the day.

Anyway, I’m not so much anxious about the actual test.  I find them very easy to get through.  It’s just the prospect of them finding more than the little spot.  I know I will deal with whatever, it’s just that my clinical options are very limited.  I’m trying not to go there.

The rest of the tests came back on my biopsies and it it looks like the exact same cancer from last time.  I think they call this a regional recurrence.  It came back in the same area but not the exact same spot.

I have an appointment with my surgeon a few hours post-scan.  They will have the results by them.  So hopefully we will know what is happening and have some sort of surgery date tomorrow.  Fingers Crossed!

So that’s that.  On the other hand, I had an excellent weekend!

Friday, mom and I went up to Apple Valley and went to my niece’s school’s choir and band concert.  It was mostly middle school and high school kids but they brought out the 3rd graders with recorders.  So CUTE!!!   I remember when we got our recorders (or, fluteaphones) and learned the Star Wars theme song.  These kids were adorable.  My niece had a short solo in her choir performance and did a lovely job.


On Saturday, I decided that I hated my hair and, thanks to my friends on facebook, decided that it should be purple in honor of Prince.



Sunday I did nothing.  I did watch “Call the Midwife”.  If you are not watching this show, you should be.  I cannot sing its praises enough!!!  It’s on PBS and I think it’s streaming on Netflix.

Yesterday I got a new toy!!!  I do the Verizon lease plans for all of our Verizon equipment.  It’s basically retail price divided by 24 payments with 0 interest.  After you have paid 75% of the price (18 months), you can trade your equipment in for something new.  I traded my iPad mini for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.   It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!  I’m now off of apple products totally.  There are some minor features of Android/Samsung that I love and made it worth the switch.  Its not with me now as my cover doesn’t come in until tomorrow.  No Scratches!

Trojan League meeting this afternoon to talk about finances.  It’s good to be President!

Hope you are having a good Tuesday!

Fight On!




One Comment on “Butterflies”

  1. Karen Stember says:

    So much positivity can only lead to one thing….good news….and that’s what I hope you wil get Pam. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow Pam. Hang in there.


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