The Results are In! (sort of)

Today was a very long day.

Up at 4am, get ready, leave at 5:30am for USC.  Get there at 6:40am.

Scan from 7 – 9:20am.  Then Labs.  11am with the Surgeon. Which ended up being 12:15.

Scan went fine.  I was almost all the way through it when the tech asked if everything was ok.  He heard me singing the soundtrack to the “Nightmare before Christmas” and thought I was talking to him.

Nope.  Just singing.

I don’t know what it is about that machine but I always think of that movie.

When I saw my surgeon, they only had the preliminary PET/CT scan report – so the results could change again.  The news is good.  Not as great as it could be but definitely not a horror show.

I have the original lump that is on my side in the area where a bra would come across your side.  The PET/CT showed that lymph node but also lymph nodes that go up my side into my armpit.  Basically the exact same area that was removed during my last surgery.

This turns my surgery from a 15 minute lumpectomy to another axillary dissection.   I won’t be able to leave the house for two weeks and not use my arm for at least a month.  Suckage!    I told my surgeon that I had tickets to “The Little Mermaid” at the Hollywood Bowl on June 3rd and that I WOULD be going.  She said that she didn’t think that would be an issue.

There is a little possible hiccup.  On the preliminary report, the radiologist noted that there was a “suspicious” spot underneath my sternum.  My surgeon was going to try to sit with the radiologist today and go over the films to get a definitive answer.  If it is cancer, that is a much more involved surgery.  Lets hope that it isn’t.

She thinks that I will be having surgery in May but as we know from cancer round 1, anything I hear is good only for that day.

That’s the status o’ the day.  Transfusion on Friday.







6 Comments on “The Results are In! (sort of)”

  1. Karen Stember says:

    Although a bit of a mixed review I know you will continue to fight through this Pam.


  2. Penny Korn says:

    Praying for good results! Keep the faith Pam. You are a fighter!


  3. Joyce cushnie says:

    I know,you are strong and can fight this yucky Cancer!!,


  4. Mindy Brown says:

    the results sound good . . . as good as sucky cancer can sound😊  will keep those positive vibes headed your way.  love you mucho much😚💟💖💓💜💛💚💙💗

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  5. Lori Lewis says:

    Fingers are crossed that the sternum spot turns out to be nothing.

    And hell yeah we’re going to The Little Mermaid! ❤

    Love you, FIGHT ON!


  6. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    Thanks for the update Pam! Keep praying and singing! Love you, Barbara

    Sent from my iPhone



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