Week one done! Off to the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck…

One week down, 5 more to go.

I saw my Radiation Oncologist yesterday in the RONC offices.  She stopped me and told me that she had heard from the therapists that I was some kind of rock star with radiation.

I agree. Rock Star I am.

It’s getting easier, although I still have the pleuritis (inflammation in my lung) and that still hurts.  I’m dealing.  My skin is also starting to turn pink.  Not very, but it’s coming.  I’m now wearing that Aquaflor goop more.  Luckily I found a bunch of t-shirts that were still wearable but needed tossing out (stains) so I have plenty of shirts to ruin in the next month.  This stuff is just sticky, oily and disgusting.

So I decided that I was going to give myself a little reward at the end of each week.  Nothing huge, just something fun to do.  Today I went to the…

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck!


It was making a stop at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga today from 10 – 8pm.  I met my good friend Amy, her husband Leigh and their daughter Ella and we had fun standing in line.

Maybe fun isn’t the right word.

Horrible is a word.  We got into line at 9:15am and finally got to the truck at 11:30am.  It was only 95 degrees but the humidity made it probably just over 100.  I knew I would have issues standing in line so I brought my mom’s walker that has a seat.  Thank GOD!  Leigh was also super sweet to run out and get us icy drinks from nearby.  It actually was fun in a “get to hang out with friends and do something silly” but it was so hot.

I think I got sunburned, which should make my radiation oncologist just slightly pissy.  (Big No-No) Oh well.


Yes, Everything was really that expensive.  It is only worth the money if it is something you don’t plan on doing more than once.

I got the Petit 4 Cakes (Almond, Raspberry, Lemon and Chocolate).  Good but SWEET!


I also got a t-shirt.  To wear after I can stop putting this oily, sticky crap on my skin:


The guy that gave me the shirt gave me some swag – a button and stickers!!!


It was a not-so-cool way to spend a Saturday morning.   But I can say I was one of the crazy ones out there.  Plus I got to spend time with this sweet girl, where I could finally have a conversation about Elena of Avalor and the new Doc McStuffins special on Disney Jr.


Have a great weekend!


PS:  Even though it’s not a radiation day, I’m still wearing fun socks.  I realized that I have no Hello Kitty (for shame!) so I wore my bright pink, yellow and black Batman socks.  I also just realized that those socks with the black shoes I’m wearing make my feet look enormous!  At least it detracts from the single breasted, muffin top action going on up higher!



3 Comments on “Week one done! Off to the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck…”

  1. Steve Smith says:



  2. Debbie Hunt says:

    Hey, I know that sweet girl! Tell her “Mrs. Hunt says hi” next time you see her.


  3. I went to the pop up Hello Kitty Cafe out here also! Fun. They were sold out of almost everything. I love your new t shirt, I think I need to get one 😉



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