Radiation Gets Naughty

Hurrah!  Today was day 25 of 33 for Radiation.  I have three more sessions of my complicated radiation (three different setups) and then 5 sessions of super quick blasts to my scar area.  The idea is to attack the original and recent cancer spots with big blasts of rads to kill the area.

My skin is doing well.  I saw the RO Doc on Monday and she said everything looked good.  The blasted area is darker but I’m not peeling or getting any sores.  I was peeling really bad (so gross, my skin was black and peeling) but I started to use a meshy shower pouf (very gently) and it’s been helping keep my skin soft.  That and that nasty but helpful Aquaflor stuff.

Today was an extra long session.  I had to get pictures taken.  I have no idea why they do this but they do it every two or three days.  It adds about 10 minutes.  Then I got my regular radiation (1/2 hour).  Then they had to do the setup for the 5 scar blast sessions.  This took about 25 minutes.

It got a little funny.  The RO Doc came in and made red sharpie X’s around the area that needs the blast (my scars and about an inch around the scars).  I’m laying there thinking that the places she was marking might make a very interesting pattern.  Then she took the marker and connected the X’s.  There were a few radiation therapists and a physicist around her watching.  All of a sudden, they all started giggling.  So I said,

“Dr. Ballas, did you just draw a penis on my chest?”

Why yes, yes she did!


To make it even better, they had to then trace the “shape” onto plastic to create a thing that will go over this area during radiation.  They also had to draw it on a piece of glass so they could line it up with the rad machine.   I don’t know if you can see the shiny spots but those are stickers that indicate the major lines/corners.  I have to keep these on for two weeks.   Grrrreeeeaaaaat.

So that was fun.

Tomorrow I have radiation (#26!) in the morning and then I go to the day hospital for blood and my monthly Eligard shot.  My counts this week were super low; like I’m not allowed to drive low.  My platelets are being affected by the new cancer shots I get so I have bruises all over me.   Apparently, this is normal for people in the first part of getting this drug while you get it every 2 weeks.  I’m getting it (Faslodex) again next Monday and that is the last 2 week session.  After that I get them once a month and the platelets are supposed to recover.   My immune system is worse than usual right now too.  I’m hoping that once radiation is over and my schedule is more normal, things will get start going up.

So glad to be getting back to normal!  Thank you all for your continued support/prayers/healing thought and light.  XOXO

Now, about that USC “game.”

That was horrible.  I had some hope that USC might win but it was a recipe for disaster to put us, with three coaching staffs in 4 years, up against the #1 team in the country with a settled program.  We were totally outmatched.

Some positives:

I thought our defense did great but just got tired.

Ok…that’s the only positive.  Our offense started out strong but they got rattled in the second quarter and never recovered.  They had NINE “3 and outs.”   No way you can win a game with that kind of stat.

This Saturday USC plays Utah State, another non-conference game.  I’m not giving up on our team.  I know that sometimes you can get kicked in that ass but how you respond to that is what defines your character.  I hope that the university, alumni and students gives this coaching staff and team a decent chance to get things together.  Even Pete Carroll lost his first few games and look what happened during his reign.

As Always, FIGHT ON!







5 Comments on “Radiation Gets Naughty”

  1. elizabeth lamar says:

    i was glad to get your message today as I saw you heading out with your Mom and wondered how you were doing. So they did an artistic penis on your bod. Sounds a bit too high up, but the laughter and your comment were titillatingly timely. Funny! Good! You sound in good spirits.


  2. Joan Balboni says:

    We will call you penis girl. Lol keep hanging in there. You are one amazing girl. 😻😘


  3. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    Hi Pam


  4. Barbara DiCarlo says:

    Hi Pam I have tried three times to send a comment to you. As I was reading your blog I realized your team was down in the dumps and struggled in that last game just as you have been struggling through your treatments. so I say fight on Pam and may you and your team achieve success! Love you, Barbara


  5. elizabeth lamar says:

    Also, I am learning so much from you about what results occur from all your treatments. Brave girl!


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