Who is Pam?

This is Me:

word_1024x768 Pam Muzyka & Allison Rokusek drinking milk at Grandpa Muzyka's House Pam-NOH8 IMG_4083 IMG_5525 IMG_5821 IMG_1055 IMG_1024 pm_pf ralphie-bunny IMG_6170 IMG_6083 scan0080 muzyka_wedding fix2 scan0079 scan0033 k76013ta103215_159fix IMG_8528-001 IMG_3804 IMG_2297 IMG_1716 IMG_1641 IMG_5509 1311019868 IMG_0165 IMG_0868 IMG_0865 IMG_0469 IMG_0467 IMG_0403 IM002340 image0-2 IMG_0016 IMG_0372 IMG_0308 IMG_0221 IMG_0103 IMG_0044 fucla IM000771-1 IM001533-1 100_3022 100_2256 100_0041-1 img_5488.jpg


4 Comments on “Who is Pam?”

  1. joyce cushnie says:

    I love your attitude!! I enjoyed all the pictures too.
    Hang in there!! Love and Hugs to you.


  2. Karen Westerfield Stember says:

    Hi Pam….Joyceeee sent me your link….although we are Bruin fans here, I’ll give you this one…..if USC beating UCLA will help you, then I’ll root for USC…..sorry Dad!!!! Yes, you do have the winning spirit and attitude to kick some C-butt. Fight on! xoxo Karen Stember


  3. Lori Lewis says:

    Best “About Me” page EVER. You are SO thebomb.com ❤


  4. Pam, I find your words, your spirit, your humor and your warmth so inspiring! You make me smile, and I am pulling for you one hundred and ten percent. FIGHT ON, sister.


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